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Course Description

This course covers the design and optimization of stable, maintainable, and secure embedded software systems. The main study topics include: Software engineering design and documentation artifacts; Information assurance and cybersecurity; CPU architectures, system components, and development tools; Operating system details; Programming models and tools; IO busses and networking protocols; and Low-level optimization techniques. Students will acquire not only technical knowledge, but also soft skills such as communication, collaborations, critical thinking, leadership, negotiation, and time management.

Learning Objectives

Capture design and security concerns of embedded systems to support development and maintainability. Understand the importance of CPU architecture and support hardware on embedded system performance. Select and utilize an optimal programming model to develop an extensible and sustainable embedded system. Develop embedded system code to control multiple real-time IO devices. Communicate system design parameters to current collaborators, future maintainers, and other stakeholders.

Framework Connections