• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This Power User “Fast Start” course covers over 60 commands, functions, and knowledge objects to provide users with actionable information about searching best practices and knowledge management. Students will learn how to effectively utilize time in searches, work with different time zones, use transforming commands and eval functions to calculate statistics, compare field values with eval functions and eval expressions, manipulate output, normalize fields and field values, correlate and filter data from multiple sources, and create, manage, and share knowledge objects.

Learning Objectives

Utilize over 60 commands and functions to transform, manipulate, normalize, correlate, and filter data. Filter data using time modifiers and time commands and use formatting functions to accommodate various time formats. Calculate statistics using transforming commands and mathematical and statistical eval functions. Compare, manipulate, and normalize data using several commands including the all-powerful eval command and an array of statistical, comparison, conditional, and formatting functions. Calculate co-occurrence between fields and analyze data from multiple datasets. Create, curate, manage and share knowledge objects.

Framework Connections