With over 700,000 open cybersecurity positions across the United States alone, now more than ever we need qualified, determined individuals to enter the cybersecurity workforce. Here at CISA we are eager to provide cybersecurity education, training, and career programs to assist communities with limited resources to give all K-12 students opportunities to succeed in cyber.

CISA awards cooperative agreements to non-profit organizations to help bring cybersecurity training and education to underserved communities and diverse populations across the country. Learn more about their efforts below, and for more information about cybersecurity career opportunities and workforce development programs at CISA, please visit cisa.gov/careers.

  • CyberWarrior
    This non-profit organization delivers hands-on, lab-driven, technical training in cybersecurity methods and procedures to people of all backgrounds regardless of economic status via its CyberWarrior Academy. They also offer bootcamps, online learning platforms, and youth summer camps for kids in underserved communities. For more information about how this organization helps create and upskill cybersecurity talent, visit cyberwarrior.com or email info@cybersecurity.com.

  • NPower
    This national non-profit is committed to advancing race and gender equity in the tech industry. NPower provides military veterans and young adults from underserved communities training and quality job placement for careers in technology and cybersecurity. Learn more about the various opportunities NPower offers at npower.org or email info@npower.org.

    Through the Cybersecurity Education and Training Assistance Program (CETAP), CISA awarded CYBER.ORG funds to equip K-12 teachers across the country with cybersecurity educational curricula and lesson plans, professional development trainings, and classroom technology. CYBER.ORG also partners with public and private sector organizations to provide cybersecurity education and training opportunities to K-12 students through Project REACH and Project Access.

    • Project REACH
      Project Realizing Equitable Access to Cybersecurity in High School (REACH) is a feeder program that connects K-12 schools to Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ (HBCU) cybersecurity and computer science programs to help close the diversity gap in cybersecurity. To learn more about Project REACH, including information on joining the K-12 team, becoming an Outreach Provider and joining as an HBCU, visit cyber.org/projectreach.

    • Project Access
      Funded through CISA, Project Access aims to support local and state agencies by offering cyber education opportunities for blind and visually impaired students through immersive experiences that are fully compatible with assistive technology such as screen readers or magnification software. This helps give blind and visually impaired students the confidence and knowledge necessary to pursue higher education and technology careers. Learn more: cyber.org/project-access.