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Course Description

This can be done in C#, Java, or python. We recommend C# if the target is Windows, Java if it is Android, Python for general scripting. C# is the easiest to do and allows attacks on the widest possible targets (Windows). It is assumed the students have a basic knowledge of the programming language in question. It need not be significant, just basic. If that is not the case, then 3 to 5 days of basic programming are recommended.

Learning Objectives

Interacting with the OS

Extracting information
Altering OS parameters

Destructive methods

Wiping files
Disrupting communication

Killing the machine

Creating ransomware

Creating spyware

Extracting emails
Scanning documents
Retrieving history
Exfiltrating the data

Hiding your tracks

Target selection
Self-destructing malware
Avoiding anti virus
Sparse infection techniques

Advanced techniques

Creating polymorphic malware
Encrypted malware

Framework Connections