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Course Description

Most security professionals don't know nearly enough about cryptography. They cannot even understand what cryptographers are saying. The goal of this course is to take someone with only high school algebra, and get them to the point that they can understand cryptography at a meaningful level. This is a significantly hands-on course. After this course, students will be able to make effective decisions in selecting cryptographic solutions, understand cryptographic attacks and better implement cryptographic solutions.

Learning Objectives

Ancient ciphers Caesar Atbash Railfence Vigenere Column Ciphers Playfair Two square and four square Basic math background Information theory fundamentals Binary math fundamentals Essential number theory Essential linear algebra/matrix math Symmetric ciphers DES AES Blowfish Skipjack GOST CAST FEAL AES Serpent Square SHARK SAFEr Modes (ECB, CBC, etc.) RC4 FISH PIKE S-Box Design Cryptographic Hashes Merkle Damgard construction MD5 SHA (1, 2, 3) Whirlpool RipeMD HAVAL Skein Asymmetric cryptography RSA Diffie Hellman MQV ECC Steganography Historical Modern methods Implementations Applications Digital signatures Digital certificates SSL/TLS Authentication File/Drive Encryption Intro to cryptanalysis Classic methods Differential cryptanalysis Linear cryptanalysis Quantum cryptography The essentials of quantum computing Quantum algorithms Quantum key exchange

Framework Connections