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Course Description

This four-day Bootcamp introduces both basic and advanced techniques from Peter of Corelan. This course is a truly unique opportunity to learn both basic & advanced techniques from an experienced exploit developer. During this course students will be able to learn all ins and outs about writing reliable stack based exploits for the Windows platform. The trainer will share his “notes from the field” and various tips & tricks to become more effective at writing exploits.

We believe it is important to start the course by explaining the basics of stack buffer overflows and exploit writing, but this is most certainly not “your average” entry level course. In fact, this is a true bootcamp and one of the finest and most advanced courses you will find on Win32 stack based exploit development.

This hardcore hands-on course will provide students with solid understanding of current stack based exploitation techniques and memory protection bypass techniques. We make sure the course material is kept updated with current techniques, includes previously undocumented tricks and techniques, and details about research we performed ourselves. Combined with the way the course is built up, this will turn this class into a truly unique experience. Learn directly from the author of mona.py

The new 2021 edition of the course is 100% based on Windows 10 and contains an introduction to x64 stack-based exploitation. During all of our courses, we don’t just focus on techniques and mechanics, but we also want to make sure you understand why a given technique is used, why something works and why something doesn’t work.

Learning Objectives

• Learn in the process of turning a proof-of-concept into a working exploit.
• Figure out if a given security patch/hotfix should be applied immediately or not.
• Learn how to read and understand existing exploits.
• Learn how to change an existing exploit that you failed to make it work.
• Write reliable exploits and integrate them into Metasploit.
• Learn what shellcode is, how Metasploit shellcode works and how to make shellcode work reliably in your exploit.
• Refresh basic knowledge about win32 exploit development and learn more advanced topics.
• Further your malware research or do Incident Response & interested in understanding how exploits work.
• Understand better how to detect exploits and how to protect against them.
• Upgrade the basic view on common development mistakes, how to avoid them and how compiler/linker options can help.
• Explore other reasons to learn how to write exploits for the Win32 platform.
• Fill in the gaps from the online resources and other classes still that may leave you unsatisfied, somewhat confused, not fully understanding all ins-and-outs.

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