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Welcome to the Cybersecurity Workforce, Recent College Grads!

Congratulations recent college graduates and welcome to the workforce! While cybersecurity may not have been your specific designated choice of study throughout college, CISA is always looking for qualified, capable young professionals to join the cyber workforce. 

With over 3.4 million open cybersecurity positions worldwide and over 448,000 open positions in the U.S. alone right now, now is the time to explore different career path options and apply the knowledge and skills you learned in college into this next phase of life. Let’s review some tips and tools to help you get started. 

Take time to update your resume before interviewing so recruiters and hiring managers can find the best career fit for you. Explore cybersecurity work roles and learn how to advance from one work role to another using the Cyber Career Pathways Tool to plan your next career move. If you are ready to enter the workforce and find a job, check out the Interactive Cybersecurity Career Map displaying thousands of federal job opportunities across the U.S. and around the world. 

If you’re interested in learning more about cybersecurity, check out all the tools and resources NICCS offers including the NICCS Education & Training Catalog with over 6,000 cybersecurity-related training and certification prep courses from hundreds of providers across the country. With in-person and virtual options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, the NICCS Education & Training Catalog has something for everyone. 

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