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Tell us about the position

To begin the assessment, describe the position by responding to all questions in the displayed questionnaire. Click the “Submit” button when you have finished (you will be able to modify your responses after saving). Add additional positions by clicking the “Add a Job Description” button again.

Note: Some questions will ask you to select all items that apply to your position. For these questions, you can begin typing keywords (e.g., investigate, test, etc.) and your list of options will be automatically filtered. Alternatively, you can click the question field without entering any text to display and search through all possible options. You can also delete a selected item by clicking on the “X” found on the right of your selections.

When you have completed your first position you will see a summary of your results.

Job Description Framework Alignment

Complete the questionnaire below to describe the position. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Select the statements below that best describe this position’s work at a high level (choose up to 3)
Select all functional areas that apply

Job Description Details

Describe your organization
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