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Designed to propel information security professionals to the next level of authority within their careers, the CISM certification is a distinction that authenticates one's information security management expertise. Held in high regard by government agencies and private business alike, CISM certificate holders are heralded for their ability to manage and maintain an information security program with practicality and efficiency. Obtainment of the CISM certification proves an individual is able to effectively identify critical issues and customize solutions, improve alignment between an organization's information security program and its broader goals and objectives, and lend credibility to the organization of which they are employed. Management-focused and data_driven, the CISM is globally-recognized as a symbol of info management capability and skill. As with any management certification, individuals are expected to have significant prior experience. The CISM test, structured as a four-hour, multiple-choice exam, requires that individuals possess a minimum amount of professional experience in order to apply for the certification. Once an individual has attained a CISM certificate, one will see the vast amount of opportunities provided from such distinction unparalleled to anything imagined.

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