• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Architecting cybersecurity solutions for robotics systems focuses on the unique challenges and requirements of securing robots and robotic systems across various applications, including industrial automation, healthcare, service industries, and autonomous vehicles. These systems often integrate complex interactions between hardware, software, and network communications, making them attractive targets for cyber-attacks. The curriculum covers topics from securing embedded systems and communication protocols to ensuring data privacy and safety in human-robot interactions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the unique cybersecurity challenges in robotics systems.
  • Learn the fundamentals of secure architecture for robotics applications.
  • Explore threat modeling techniques specific to robotics environments.
  • Develop skills in implementing access controls and authentication mechanisms for robotics systems.
  • Examine encryption strategies for securing communication in robotics networks.
  • Gain knowledge of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for robotics solutions.
  • Master techniques for monitoring and detecting cybersecurity incidents in robotics systems.
  • Explore best practices for secure coding in robotics software development.
  • Understand the regulatory and compliance aspects of cybersecurity in robotics.
  • Apply risk management principles to assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks in robotics projects.

Framework Connections