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Course Description

IoT Bootcamp Internet of things (IoT) is a process of communicating effectively and securely with machines. Kevin Ashton, a British Technology pioneer at MIT .a Consumer Sensor Expert and a trend-setter described IoT as connecting objects in physical world to the internet. In the year 2021, over 50 Billion devices are already connected using IoT, and it si speculated that by year 2030, the number is expected to increase upto 150 Billion. there is a huge growth potential for thus technology in various markets such as Industrial Appliances, Defense Sector, Medical Equipment, Retail Sector, Agriculture Sector, home Appliances etc.

Learning Objectives

Learn IoT, its Architecture and Protocols, Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry pi,Work on tools such as Cooja Simulator,IoT using Cloud and Big Data, IoT Security.

Framework Connections