• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

This course covers how common threat sources actually get exploited. You will learn about social engineering, exploit kits, ransomware, and much more.

Learning Objectives

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

  • start the course
  • describe what white hat hackers are and how they can help ameliorate the security of a business or product
  • describe what social engineering is and why it can be so dangerous
  • specify how phishing can affect the security of a business
  • recognize deceptive e-mail messages
  • describe how exploit kits can be used to take advantage of vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications
  • define ransomware attacks and how they can affect sensitive data
  • describe how the influence of governments in hacking incidents has become a large issue for IT security
  • specify how bug bounties can help result in more exploits being found and fixed
  • describe how web-based applications have gained more popularity and what implications for data security they have
  • describe how WAFs can protect web applications
  • list and define disaster recovery terms such as BCP, DRP, RTO, and RPO


Practice: Recalling Attack Details

  • describe how malicious users use tools to exploit vulnerabilities


Framework Connections