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Course Description

Learners can explore code recognition of various programming languages used in security applications, and security exploits, including Python, C, C++, and SQL, in this 14-video course. You will examine common programming paradigms, and learn how to classify them based on their features. Then you will learn how to identify Bash and Python scripts. Next, learners will examine the similarities and differences of C# compared to the C and C++ languages, and regular expressions in typical regex engines. You will learn how to identify PowerShell scripts based on their features, and how to identify the elements of a SQL statement, and how to use SQLite, a tool to manage local databases in file form without servers. This course continues by examining common security vulnerabilities in code that can lead to exploits. You will learn how to identify the structure of common executable formats based on their binary signatures. Finally, this course demonstrates how to verify the integrity of a downloaded file based on its hash value.

Learning Objectives

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