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Course Description

You have been provided with a fairly open scope and not many limitations other than the fact that the customer is expecting results. Generally, this means to show your value, you need to have some hacked data along with a set of security remediation recommendations without tipping off the Globomantics customer's security operations team. In this course, Exploitation: Evading Detection and Bypassing Countermeasures, you'll learn how to go undetected and penetrate deeper into systems and networks for maximum effectiveness. First, you'll learn how to remain anonymous during all phases of the kill chain. Next, you'll discover how to bypass network and application firewalls. Then, you'll learn how to sneak past intrusion detection systems and honeypots. Finally, you'll learn circumventing application security controls and how to fool anti-virus software. By the end of this course, you'll have learned how to use numerous hands-on tools and techniques to craft surgical exploits that will allow you to penetrate deeper into sanctioned networks and remain completely undetected throughout the process.

Learning Objectives

  • Evading Detection and Bypassing Countermeasures
  • Remaining Anonymous
  • Bypassing Network Firewalls
  • Sneaking Past Intrusion Detection Systems and Honeypots
  • Circumventing Application Security Controls
  • Fooling Platform Controls
  • Outwitting Platform Memory Controls
  • Mapping Evasion Techniques to Kill Chains

    Framework Connections

    The materials within this course focus on the NICE Framework Task, Knowledge, and Skill statements identified within the indicated NICE Framework component(s):

    Specialty Areas

    • Exploitation Analysis