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  • Online, Instructor-Led
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Course Description

Course includes basics of TCP/IP Stack, Applications Layers, Data Flow Layers, Data Encapsulation, Protocol Stack, Basic Network Terminology, Network Topology, ARP, BOOTP, DHCP, Local Area Network, Network Components, IPv4, ICMP, Transport Layer Protocols, Application Layer Protocols, Client/Server Models, Subnet/NAT, Routing, Switching, Basics of Distributed Systems, Wireless Protocols, 5G/6G, Edge, Cloud, Energy Consumptions. Course format includes lectures, homework, Quizzed, Two midterms, final project and exam. Course carries a perfect blend of theory and programming practices to prepare students for core network development and/or network architecture.

Learning Objectives

Learn fundamentals of networking and distributed systems. Have hands on practice of network protocols widely used in daily life. Analyze and diagnosing networking issues. Get the context of networking applications around you. Establish foundation of networking and carve a career in the field

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