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Course Description

This course is a practical, graduate-level exploration of "Internet of Things" (IoT) technology and networks. The course will be focused on knowledge that can be readily applied to real-world IoT systems. The term "IoT" covers a diverse field of study touching almost every type of internet-connected technology that interacts with the physical world. With such a broad topic, the class will move quickly as we investigate and test the underlying principles and concepts. This course will also have opportunities for students to take a pause from the material and explore aspects of the technology that interest them.

Learning Objectives

Explain IoT systems and networks, including the benefits and challenges of the technology. Apply IoT concepts in Operational Technology / Industrial Control System environments (OT and ICS, e.g., SCADA). Identify the most important IoT security threats/vulnerabilities and learn methods to efficiently secure IoT systems. Apply the learned concepts to test IoT technologies and analyze data from IoT systems.

Framework Connections