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Course Description

Introduction to embedded systems design and evaluation: requirements, specification, architecture, hardware and software components, integration and performance evaluation. Topics include instruction sets, CPU, embedded computing platform, program design and analysis, operating systems, hardware accelerators, multiprocessors, networks, and system analysis. Real-life embedded systems design examples will be used throughput the course to illustrate these concepts.

Learning Objectives

Define the concepts of embedded systems and identify applications to real-world systems. Utilize basic microprocessor and microcontroller functionality involving registers, memory, and hardware/software interfacing. Perform design analysis and implementation of embedded system solutions in hardware and software. Explore the features and functionality of an off-the-shelf microcontroller board. Program a microcontroller board to use timers, ADC, DAC, and serial communication modules to implement real-time applications. Describe and analyze project designs in a written report.

Framework Connections