• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Quick Start to Prompt Engineering for Coders and Software Developers is a one day course designed to get you quickly up and running with the prompting skills required to out AI to work for you in your development efforts.  Guided by our AI expert, you’ll explore key topics such as text preprocessing, data cleansing, GPT-4 tokenization, input formatting, prompt design, and optimization, as well as ethical considerations in prompt engineering.

Learning Objectives

Working in an interactive learning environment, led by our engaging expert, you will: Gain a solid understanding of prompt engineering concepts and their applications in software development and AI-driven solutions. Master the techniques for preprocessing and cleaning text data to ensure high-quality inputs for AI models like GPT-4. Develop expertise in GPT-4 tokenization, input formatting, and controlling model behavior for various tasks and requirements. Acquire the ability to design, optimize, and test prompts effectively, catering to diverse business applications and use cases. Learn advanced prompt engineering techniques, such as conditional text generation and multi-turn conversations, to create more sophisticated AI solutions. Practice creating prompts to generate, run, and test code in a chosen programming language using GPT-4 and OpenAI Codex. Understand the ethical implications and best practices in responsible AI deployment, ensuring fair and unbiased AI applications in software development.

Framework Connections