• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

In this hands-on course, you will build up foundational Windows troubleshooting skills by exploring and overcoming challenging scenario-based labs. Key skills such as communication, knowledge and process documentation, fundamental terminal operations, performance monitoring, system process management, issue handling, backup/imaging/recovery tools, and software application operations are developed.

The course focuses on practical systems support and troubleshooting. Students will utilize the CompTIA troubleshooting methodology as well as the ITIL service management framework to communicate, resolve, and document issues and incidents. Students will also study how endpoints interact with the greater IT infrastructure, exploring concepts such as network ports and protocols, Wi-Fi, and server-based user identity support

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to land an entry-level IT Support Technician position with skills to:

Study for and pass the CompTIA IFT+ Certification
Deliver remote IT service and support
Set up and configure computer virtualization using VirtualBox
Deploy an EC2 and LightSail instance on AWS cloud
Apply a standardized troubleshooting and workstation deployment methodology
Utilize backup and recovery tools for disk imaging
Perform data restoration, startup repair, and secure disposal
Deploy, configure, and troubleshoot Windows 10 OS
Install, update, troubleshoot, and uninstall software applications
Evaluate endpoint performance metrics to identify anomalous readings and troubleshoot a malfunctioning system
Incorporate infrastructure connectivity concepts including RDP and SSH
Evaluate and configure network adapter settings
Deploy pfSense firewall and establish network connectivity through it
Automate tasks in Linux using Bash scripting in an IDE
Practice using Linux and Windows terminal commands
Perform basic GitHub operations
Be prepared for the Ops 301: Networking and Sysadmin course

Framework Connections