National CAE Designated Institution
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This course explores more advanced topics and methodologies for examining digital evidence. Topics taught in this class include File System Forensics, Computer Operating System Forensics and Mobile Device Forensics. Students are challenged to work individually and in groups to examine and prepare detailed reports showing the relevance of digital evidence to mock cases. This course presents a higher level of technical detail and will balance theory and hands-on aspects for conducting digital forensic examinations.

Learning Objectives

  • Communicate the role of digital forensics in a criminal investigation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform a basic digital forensic analysis using computer and network-based tools.
  • Communicate the underlying concepts of how data are stored on computers and the general structure of the Internet.
  • Evaluate current industry best-practices to the analysis of some hypothetical and real case scenarios.
  • Identify professional resources available to the digital forensics examiner.

Framework Connections