• Online, Instructor-Led
  • Classroom
Course Description

This course is geared toward the reverse engineer. It introduces a student to the Python language with a focus on using it to accelerate, automate, and optimize reverse engineering tasks. The course starts with an introduction to the Python language, a review of object types and flow statements, then delves into file operations, modules, working with the CTypes library for interaction with Windows operating systems, debugging, and IDA scripting.

Learning Objectives

Successful completion of this course will enable students to:

  • Write and implement Python scripts used in reverse engineering
  • Use Python to interact with the Windows operating system using the Windows API
  • Create custom event handlers to automate debugging tasks
  • Use Python to automate tasks to debug malware and report on its activities
  • Automate disassembly tasks using IDAPython and other available modules

Framework Connections