• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

This course investigates the challenges that fast-paced frequently-changing IT environments present to managers. You will examine factors that are common to most IT departments, symptoms of IT-related problems, the characteristics of software projects, and the challenges of managing IT personnel and IT projects.

Throughout this course, you will establish lists of "best practices" that managers should follow for a wide-range of IT-related issues. You will learn that although IT environments change frequently, the skills managers must possess to successfully manage IT projects do not change as often. As a result, your collection of IT best-practice lists will prove very valuable to you throughout your career as you face IT challenges.

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine the role of IT within business today
  2. Describe alternative ways to staff IT projects
  3. Identify the external factors that drive IT solutions and decisions
  4. Discuss ways to align IT operations with business goals
  5. Enumerate the various benefits of IT operations within an organization
  6. Describe the challenges of managing legacy applications
  7. Apply ways to stay current on new technologies
  8. Describe the role of recruiting, hiring, and retaining IT staff with respect to business goals
  9. Discuss the key points managers must know about software design.

Framework Connections