National CAE Designated Institution
  • Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This course focuses on the fundamentals and the application of threat intelligence to cybersecurity.

Learning Objectives


  • Identify basic risk management processes
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply incident response and handling methodologies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of laws, regulations, policies, and ethics as they relate to cybersecurity and privacy
  • Understand Insider Threat investigations, reporting, investigative tools and laws/regulations
  • Understand adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Apply knowledge of current and emerging threats/threat vectors
  • Understand risk/threat assessment.
  • Understand cyber attack stages (e.g., reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, gaining access, escalation of privileges, maintaining access, network exploitation, covering tracks).
  • Understand intrusion detection and signature development
  • Understand target or cyber threat actors and procedures
  • Perform packet-level analysis using appropriate tools
  • Apply incident handling methodologies.
  • Perform a log review in identifying evidence of past intrusions.
  • Utilize security event correlation tools.
  • Identify cyber threats which may jeopardize organization and/or partner interests
  • Respond and take local actions in response to threat sharing alerts from service providers.


Framework Connections