• Online, Instructor-Led
  • Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

This module is designed to give students a basic competency in the principles of information security and how they relate to computing systems, particularly at the level of the operating system. Key areas of focus include fundamental security design principles, the adversarial model, data security, virtualization, viruses & malware, and operating-system specific information security concepts for both desktop and mobile systems. 

Learning Objectives

Identify fundamental design security principles, Use the adversarial model to enhance security policy and practices, Identify and mitigate malware and operating system-specific vulnerabilities, Understand the defense in depth model and how it is implemented in production systems, Identify security challenges about data at rest and in flight, Manage access control lists, Interpret log files, Operate a security and information event management system (SIEM), Write rulesets for basic firewall management, Define endpoint and mobile device security perimeters, Perform an overview of operating system hardening, Identify enterprise policy and backup management, Identify key exposures in virtualization technology 

Framework Connections