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Course Description

Russian Grey Zone Activities: Russian grey zone activities refer to a range of state-sponsored activities from cognitive warfare to cyber psyops that fall below the threshold of traditional military conflict but aim to achieve strategic objectives through covert or ambiguous means. These activities often include cyber operations, disinformation campaigns, influence operations, economic coercion, and proxy warfare. They exploit vulnerabilities, sow discord, and gain leverage over targeted countries without directly engaging in open conflict.

Learning Objectives

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) Associated with Russia: Several APT groups have been associated with Russia in cyber operations. These groups operate with the support or direction of Russian state-sponsored entities. Notable APT groups associated with Russia include APT28 (Fancy Bear), APT29 (Cozy Bear), Sandworm Team, and PawnStorm. These groups have been involved in various cyber campaigns targeting governments, military organizations, critical infrastructure, political entities, and other sectors. All well known Russian Grey Zone activities and APT methods and TTPs, provide students with the hands-on knowledge necessary to defend their perimeters against Russian actions

Framework Connections