• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Explore the intricate world of RF Electromagnetic Warfare with Tonex’s comprehensive training. Gain a deep understanding of the principles, technologies, and strategies employed in electronic warfare, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate and counteract RF threats effectively. Tonex provides training and consulting services in RF and electromagnetic warfare, including RF Fundamentals, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), RF Spectrum Management, Electronic Warfare (EW), Radar Systems, and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT). Courses are designed for both military and civilian personnel and can be customized to meet specific needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic (EM) principles.
  • Explore the applications of RF technology in modern warfare.
  • Examine the impact of RF spectrum on communication and electronic systems.
  • Learn the basics of RF signal propagation and its effects on different environments.
  • Gain knowledge about various RF propagation models and their use in warfare scenarios.
  • Study the principles of Electronic Warfare (EW) and its role in disrupting enemy communication.
  • Explore the techniques and technologies used in RF jamming and deception.
  • Understand the principles of radar systems and their vulnerabilities to electronic attacks.
  • Learn about countermeasures against RF and EM-based threats.
  • Examine case studies and real-world examples of RF electromagnetic warfare.
  • Develop skills in designing and implementing RF countermeasure strategies.

Framework Connections