• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Offensive Security Certified Master (OSCM) certification is the highest level of achievement within Offensive Security’s certification track. This certification validates individuals’ mastery of advanced offensive security techniques, methodologies, and practices, as well as their ability to perform complex penetration testing and exploit development tasks in various environments.

Learning Objectives

  • Master advanced penetration testing techniques
  • Demonstrate proficiency in exploiting diverse systems and networks
  • Develop expertise in network infrastructure attacks and defenses
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of web application security
  • Understand wireless network security concepts and methodologies
  • Learn advanced evasion and anti-forensic techniques
  • Master social engineering tactics and countermeasures
  • Acquire skills in red team operations and adversary simulation
  • Demonstrate competence in reverse engineering and exploit development
  • Complete a significant penetration testing project

Framework Connections