• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Offensive MIL-1553 Exploitation Training is a 2-day training program address MIL-1553 security issues. "Offensive MIL-1553 Exploitation Training” is a unique training course which offers pentesters the ability to assess and exploit the security of MIL-1553 enabled systems. The training will cover different varieties of MIL-STD-1553 systems, devices, assessing their attack surfaces, analyzing cybersecurity test and evaluation, risk assessment with RMF and analyzing exploits for them. The 2-day (or 3-day) class will be based on theatrical systems. Participants will learn about architecture of MIL-1553 BC/RT/BM devices, and then analyzing software, hardware, firmware. We will identify attack surface, finding vulnerabilities and then finally exploiting the vulnerabilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of MIL-1553 data bus architecture.
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities in MIL-1553 communication systems.
  • Develop skills in offensive strategies for exploiting MIL-1553 protocols.
  • Implement techniques for intercepting and manipulating MIL-1553 messages.
  • Explore methods for bypassing MIL-1553 security mechanisms.
  • Gain proficiency in the use of tools and frameworks for MIL-1553 exploitation.
  • Understand the legal and ethical considerations in offensive MIL-1553 exploitation.
  • Apply knowledge to assess and enhance the security of MIL-1553-enabled systems.
  • Participate in hands-on exercises to reinforce practical skills in MIL-1553 exploitation.
  • Collaborate with peers to solve real-world MIL-1553 security challenges.

Framework Connections