• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Medical Device Cybersecurity is a 2-day workshop. This course will provide a unique learning to explore vulnerabilities in medical devices that are commonly exploited. Participants will learn about key concepts, techniques, tools, risk assessment and management and strategies for integrating cybersecurity mitigation and measures into medical devices and products. Learn the best practices to integrate into medical device requirements, architecture & design, implementation, verification & validation, and operations & maintenance processes. Risk Management Framework (RMF) is used during this training. We will apply RMF to medical devices cybersecurity. Participants will learn how to translate from RMF to Cybersecurity engineering requirements and medical devices.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of cybersecurity in the context of medical devices.
  • Identify common vulnerabilities and threats specific to medical devices.
  • Explore regulatory requirements and standards related to medical device cybersecurity.
  • Learn principles of risk assessment and management in the medical device cybersecurity domain.
  • Examine strategies for secure design and development of medical devices.
  • Discuss methods for secure deployment, configuration, and maintenance of medical devices.
  • Understand the role of encryption and authentication in ensuring medical device cybersecurity.
  • Explore incident response and recovery procedures for cybersecurity incidents involving medical devices.
  • Learn about emerging trends and challenges in the field of medical device cybersecurity.
  • Participate in hands-on exercises to apply cybersecurity principles to medical device scenarios.

Framework Connections