• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This 5-Day Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) course is designed to lead the student from the basics of analyzing traffic and how an applications works and then continuing on to troubleshooting and capturing and analyzing communications. This is a hands-on class. All concepts are reinforced by informal practice during the lecture followed by graduated lab exercises. Students will immediately be able to use Wireshark to complete tasks in the real world. Class is also geared as a WCNA exam prep course and students will be ready to take this exam at the end of training.

Learning Objectives

  1. Network Analysis Overview
  2. Introduction to Wireshark
  3. Capture Traffic
  4. Create and Apply Capture Filters
  5. Define Global and Personal Preferences
  6. Colorize Traffic
  7. Define Time Values and Interpret Summaries
  8. Interpret Basic Trace File Statistics
  9. Create and Apply Display Filters
  10. Follow Streams and Reassemble Data
  11. Customize Wireshark Profiles
  12. Annotate, Save, Export and Print Packets
  13. Use Wiresharks Expert System
  14. TCP/IP Analysis Overview
  15. Analyze Domain Name System (DNS) Traffic
  16. Analyze Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Traffic
  17. Analyze Internet Protocol (IPv4/IPv6) Traffic
  18. Analyze Internet Control Message Protocol
  19. Analyze User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Traffic
  20. Analyze Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic
  21. Graph IO Rates and TCP Trends
  22. Analyze Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  23. Analyze Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Traffic
  24. Analyze File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Traffic
  25. Analyze Email Traffic
  26. Introduction to 802.11 (WLAN) Analysis
  27. Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis Fundamentals
  28. Baseline Normal Traffic Patterns
  29. Find the Top Causes of Performance Problems
  30. Network Forensics Overview
  31. Detect Scanning and Discovery Processes
  32. Analyze Suspect Traffic
  33. Effective Use of Command-Line Tools

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