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  • Online, Instructor-Led
  • Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

This hands-on course teaches you how to hack into information systems using ethical standards. You will learn system and network penetration testing, the tools and techniques used to exploit vulnerabilities such as social engineering, buffer overflows, etc., and how to defend against attacks.

Learning Objectives

  • Assist an organization in evaluating their current security posture by identifying gaps in security
  • Audit organizational compliance with regulatory and legislative Information Assurance (IA) requirements
  • Identify logical weaknesses in computers and networks as well as physical weaknesses and weaknesses in policies, procedures and practices relating to the network and the organization
  • Test the network perimeter defense mechanisms to ensure safe cyber boundaries
  • Simulate methods that intruders use to gain unauthorized access to an organization's networked systems and then compromise them
  • Deploy proprietary and/or open source tools to test known technical vulnerabilities in networked systems
  • Determine which vulnerabilities are exploitable and the degree of information exposure or network control that the organization could expect an attacker to achieve after successfully exploiting vulnerability
  • Recommend appropriate mitigation procedures against discovered vulnerabilities and security gaps
  • Prepare penetration testing deliverables including reports and documentation
  • Model the ethics of a licensed Penetration Tester

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