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Course Description

Some of the most critical responsibilities of an Oracle DBA are ensuring that the database is backed up and that it can be restored in the event of a failure. This course covers using RMAN to back up and restore a RAC database, minimizing downtime after an outage, and maintaining archived redo log files in a RAC environment. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that cover a portion of the objectives for exam 1Z0-068 Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure.

Learning Objectives

Instance Recovery in Oracle RAC

  • start the course
  • describe the process of instance recovery by a surviving RAC instance after one or more instances fail
  • describe the degree of database availability during each step of instance recovery
  • describe ways to make instance recovery faster in a RAC environment


Backup and Recovery for RAC

  • describe ways to protect against media failure
  • describe the process of media recovery in Oracle RAC
  • list the stages of recovery where parallelism can be used
  • use a fast recovery area in RAC
  • configure RAC recovery settings with Enterprise Manager
  • configure RAC backup settings with Enterprise Manager


Oracle Recovery Manager

  • list the benefits Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) provides for RAC
  • configure spfile and controlfile backups in Oracle RAC
  • describe why all cluster nodes should be able to access all backups
  • configure multiple channels to connect to different instances in the cluster
  • describe backup configurations for RAC and how RMAN automatically locates files needed for recovery on the cluster


Managing Archived Redo Log Files

  • configure archived redo log parameters for RAC
  • configure the way RMAN backs up and restores archived redo logs on a shared file system
  • configure archiving to non-cluster local file systems
  • configure archiving to a cluster file system
  • list considerations when restoring and recovering archived log file


Practice: Using RMAN

  • configure RMAN to automatically back up the controlfile and make an RMAN backup with multiple channels to different instances


Framework Connections