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Course Description

What the industry deems “Threat Intelligence” is too often shortsighted and mislabeled, leaving security analysts chasing indicators around like some game of cat and mouse. Intelligence is supposed to change that game.

The frustration is over. The CIAO course was designed by seasoned military intelligence and cyber operators that can give you the tools to be successful in intelligence driven cyber operations. It’s time to finally get ahead of the adversary.


The ins and outs of all stages of the intelligence cycle from collection to analysis from seasoned intel professionals.

How to employ threat intelligence to conduct comprehensive defense strategies to mitigate potential compromise.

How to use TI to respond to and minimize impact of cyber incidents.

How to generate comprehensive and actionable reports to communicate gaps in defenses and intelligence findings to decision makers.Applying our Threat Intelligence methodology additionally allows you to cut cybersecurity operating costs by determining where you actually need resources and making more efficient use of the tools you have available.

Stop relying on the “Hope Strategy” to protect against advanced threats and continue having frustrating discussions with decision makers about what you need to secure your network. Sign up today to gain control of your cyber program by learning how to apply a threat-based defense strategy and how intelligence can completely revitalize your existing cyber program.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to give cyber operators the ability to conduct ongoing cyber intelligence analysis to augment their cyber programs to be faster, cheaper and more effective.

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