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Course Description

Addresses the breadth of managing software engineering projects. It will help in transforming inspiring software engineers to software project leaders. The course will impart advanced principles, methods and tools for management of software projects in a realistic software engineering context. A hybrid project management will be taught with more focused on Agile Project Management paradigms. The course will also impart a cutting-edge scalable, modular, and integrated patterns of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 4.0 for the software engineering program and portfolios management. In addition, the course will also instill DevOps best practices to build much more responsible organizations that can move quickly in ever-changing circumstances. Methods for managing and optimizing the software development process are discussed along with techniques for performing each phase of the systems development lifecycle.

Learning Objectives

Apply a strategic framework, encompassing clearly identified and agreed upon success metrics for aligning software engineering projects and programs with business strategy. Implement a dynamic and creative approach to managing complex software projects. Evaluate software engineering projects by establishing relevant business cases. Instill the capabilities and awareness to take a leadership role in creating a software engineering project driven environment across all levels of the enterprise. Develop key components of software engineering project plan and the planning process. Analyze methods for solving and avoiding common difficulties associated with managing software engineering projects • Develop a project team to build and deliver the product. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of software development projects.

Framework Connections