• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge PLUS (CCSK PLUS) training seminar is a three (3) day, 21 CPE course offered to you by Intrinsec Security an official training provider of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

The CCSK PLUS training program is a cloud security knowledge and development course focusing on a wide range of foundational cloud security topics. Students attending this course will learn about cloud computing and the security aspects needed to be addressed prior to deployment of any system in a public or private cloud. Much like the certification exam, this course provides students with a heavy dosage of the CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3 and the ENISA report Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security. In addition, the material that our authorized CCSK instructors cover is reinforced with numerous hands-on activities and practical exercises.

Since the CCSK was first released in 2010, Intrinsec has worked with hundreds of security-minded individuals and enterprises alike to develop their professional abilities in the space of cloud security and obtain the CCSK certification issued by Cloud Security Alliance. Because of this, were one of the most trusted Cloud Security Alliance Official Training providers around the globe.

Students who register for this official CCSK PLUS training seminar are provided with the following resources and features:

Three days of Official Cloud Security Alliance Training from an Authorized CCSK Instructor.

  • Official CCSK Student Handbook
  • Official CCSK PLUS Risk Assessment Handbook
  • Access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for In-Training Practical Exercises
  • Post-Training Support: CCSK Content Specialists Available for Study Help
  • CCSK Test Prep Program: Randomized Practice Exams with +200 Questions
  • CCSK Guidance V3 Video Library (+6 hours of video review)
  • Two (2) CCSK Certification Exam Tokens

A detail Brochure of this program can be found here:


Learning Objectives

The objective of CCSK training is to deliver you the information needed to make smart decisions surrounding the single biggest barrier to adopting cloud computing - security.

  1. Understand the cloud computing architectural framework
  2. Identify cloud computing security challenges
  3. Identify cloud computing security controls
  4. Students will be taught the following Cloud Security Alliance Domains:
    1. Domain 1: Cloud Computing Architectural Framework
    2. Domain 2: Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
    3. Domain 3: Legal Issues: Contracts and Electronic Discovery
    4. Domain 4: Compliance and Audit Management
    5. Domain 5: Information Management and Data Security
    6. Domain 6: Interoperability and Portability
    7. Domain 7: Traditional Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    8. Domain 8: Data Center Operations
    9. Domain 9: Incident Response
    10. Domain 10: Application Security
    11. Domain 11: Encryption and Key Management
    12. Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement and Access Management
    13. Domain 13: Virtualization
    14. Domain 14: Security as a Service

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