National CAE Designated Institution
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This course exposes the student to the topic of Cyber Ethics, Professionalism, and Career Development. The course provides students seeking a career in Cyber Security insight on professional behavior required in a security job and how to develop a professional career in Cyber Security.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the traditional ethical frameworks that can guide the student?s analysis of the moral dilemmas and social problems that arise in cyberspace.
  2. Describe and understand the directive and architectonic role of moral ideals and principles in determining responsible behavior in cyberspace.
  3. Describe and understand the capacity of free and responsible human beings to exercise some control over the forces of technology.
  4. Explain and understand the appropriate regulatory response to social problems that have emerged in the online world and formulate and apply answer to the idea that market forces handle social problems or that the government intervention is essential.
  5. Understand and explain the bottom-up and top-down approaches to regulating the internet.
  6. Describe and formulate the optimal approach and interaction of regulatory policy and technology.
  7. Understand and apply career development processes and best practices.

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below. Click to view Specialty Area details within the interactive National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.