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Course Description
  • Mobile devices run specialized operating systems with security problems.
  • Students will learn how mobile operating systems and apps work, how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and how to defend them.
  • Topics will include phone call, voicemail, SMS intrusion, jailbreaking, rooting, NFC attacks, malware, browser exploitation, and application vulnerabilities.

Learning Objectives

  1. Assess the risks of using mobile devices for common activities such as making phone calls, emailing, and shopping.
  2. Perform jailbreaks for iOS devices and analyze the Android security model and rooting.
  3. Differentiate and describe types of mobile malware and anti-malware options.
  4. Evaluate Web browser services and attacks on mobile platforms and recommend countermeasures.
  5. Configure, deploy, and defeat locking, remote location and wiping services.
  6. Prioritize common mobile app risks and determine how and when to appropriately install and use them.

Framework Connections