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Course Description

Learn the skills that matter! EC-Council’s vendor-neutral network security certifications provide an unbiased approach to learning secure networking practices, as well as how to analyze and harden computing systems prevalent in the current IT infrastructure.

IT professionals need to be part of the cybersecurity ecosystem, especially in a post-COVID Digital Transformation era. If you think cybersecurity is the responsibility of cyber teams alone, think again!

Certified Network Defender has been designed by industry experts to help IT Professionals play an active role in the Protection of digital business assets and Detection and Response to Cyber Threats, while leveraging Threat Intelligence to Predict them before they happen. CND is a network security course designed to help organizations create and deploy the most comprehensive network defense system.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Understanding network security management
• Learn basics of first response and forensics
• Building threat intelligence capabilities
• Establishing and monitoring log management
• Implementing endpoint security
• Configuring optimum firewall solutions
• Understanding and using IDS/IPS technologies
• Establishing Network Authentication,
• Authorization, Accounting (AAA)

Framework Connections