• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The simplest way to enhance security is through end-user training. Delivered in a half-day or less (3.5 hours), the CyberSAFE credential is a portable, individual-based certification that is maintained through annual training. CyberSAFE training prepares technology users at all levels to earn their Certified CyberSAFE credential. The CyberSAFE Readiness training enables officials, information handlers, members, and employees of any organization to identify many of the common risks associated with using conventional end-user technology. This course will help you to understand security compliance considerations, social engineering, malware, and various other data security-related concepts.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives and Benefits for CyberSAFE Credential Holders:

  • Promote and validate end-user responsibility and effective risk management
  • Foster role-based security awareness
  • Improve ability to protect PII and reduce risk to critical infrastructure
  • Reduce common risk associated with sharing information from G2B, B2G, B2B, and B2C
  • Raise expectations and improve end-user behavior to avoid the common hazards

Framework Connections