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Course Description

Organizations use the STEMPLES Plus framework as an analytical tool used to identify key drivers of change in the strategic environment of target countries. We use this to measure and analyze repeatable indicators of change that may lead to adverse cyber activity against our clients.
STEMPLES Plus analysis includes Social, Technical, Economic, Military, Political, Legal/Legislative, Education, and Security. The Plus represents possible indicators of change including Demographics, Religion, and potentially Psychological aspects of the target country.

Learning Objectives

We also measure the various target countries to understand how changes in the strategic environment here may invite malicious activity in the cyber arena. We can and do adjust our target context based upon certain capabilities. For example, we may examine target countries as they relate directly and indirectly to their potential for building, supporting, and executing cyberwarfare actions and operations. Strategic intelligence may not shift and change as much as Tactical or Technical Intelligence. STEMPLES Plus may not show changes for months at a time. Some of the shifts may be more subtle than what is seen in these other areas. We adjust to these subtleties by using indicators of change within each strategic area of STEMPLES Plus. Indicators of change may be added as new indicators are discovered. STEMPLES Plus is normally measured quarterly, but we can apply this strategic technique for monthly assessment. Strategic tools such as STEMPLES Plus provide students insights into what is coming from adversary countries. Estimates, forecasts, and emergent theories become apparent when using STEMPLES, indicators of change, and the Hofstede Principles.

Framework Connections