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Course Description

Russian tactics include the name calling of Ukrainians as Nazis. Affixing such a historically damming moniker to Ukraine dehumanizes and demonstrates the need to eradicate such a problem. They use of scores of cyber psyops methods provide in-depth understanding of Russian Cognitive Warfare tactics and methods.

Learning Objectives

Non-inclusively, students gain understanding of Selective Reporting: They choose to report certain events or aspects of a story while omitting others, thus shaping the narrative in a particular way.
2.Misleading Headlines: Sensationalized or misleading headlines attracts attention and potentially distort the actual content of the article, leading to biased perceptions.
3.Spin and Framing: Russian outlets spin or frame stories by emphasizing certain aspects or presenting them from a specific ideological standpoint, influencing public opinion.
4.Manipulative Language: They use emotionally charged or loaded language can sway readers' or viewers' opinions by appealing to their emotions rather than presenting a balanced view of the facts.
5.False Equivalency: Russian outlets create an appearance of balance by equating unrelated or disproportionate events or viewpoints, distorting the overall picture.

Framework Connections