• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Intelligence organizations often overlook operational security when researching. Open-source collection activities become proforma activities without consideration for risk. Social media changes, browser shift, and general apathy lead to unknown exposures. The new course from Treadstone 71 ensures OPSEC in your passive collection. We cover browser configurations, container builds, persona alignments to technology and priority intelligence requirements, in both OSINT and Darknet environments.

Learning Objectives

  1. We explore the tools used in OSINT by hackers from adversary countries. Students learn their usage, methods, tactics, and sites they regularly visit. From nation-state threat actors to cyber criminals, the course includes hands on setup and proving of browser configuration, extension use, and container builds. Students leave with the confidence that their collection activities are always secure. No leakage of any type!
    Passive collection is, by nature, risk adverse. Create rules-of-engagement aligned to legal needs and corporate risk appetites. Ensure your data maintains provenance with a patient and pragmatic approach to data collection. Perform initial data reviews for credibility and source analysis for validation. Keep your collection relevant to your intelligence requirements.
    This course follows a crawl-walk-run in-class methodology with hands-on validation of skill. Each student walks away with ready-built, proven configurations they can use on day one. We also provide ROE and RACI(S) examples for collection and analysis.
    This course is for any organization who needs to up their skills. Enhance your cyber intelligence teams with this 3-day intensive course from Treadstone 71..

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