• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

We designed the course to guide organizations in their cyber and threat intelligence program builds through online lectures, demonstrations, and templates covering the full intelligence lifecycle at a minimum. The program follows proven methods established over the years while creating intelligence programs. Clients move at a regular pace that corresponds with their internal schedules that Treadstone 71 helps to set up with the client.

Learning Objectives

We take students through the strategic planning process, goals and objectives creation, stakeholder analysis, adversary targeting, and threat matrices creation, priority intelligence requirements, collection planning, structured analytic technique usage, analysis, maturity assessments, SOP development, threat intelligence platform selection, analytic writing, and dissemination non-inclusively. That tradecraft follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training, intelligence community directives (ICDs), content from the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis and Mercyhurst University as well as 30+ years of boots on the ground experience. Students also create strategic plans for cyber intelligence, competency models, intelligence program maturity models, threat intelligence platform selection procedures, report formats, rules of engagement, adversary threat matrices, RACIS, Intelligence policies, procedures, methods, process flows, checklists, metrics, KPIs, KRIs, intelligence risk models, threat modeling, and all the tools and knowledge necessary to build a sustainable cyber intelligence program.

Framework Connections