• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This comprehensive collection equips you with in-depth knowledge in cyber warfare, disinformation, and cognitive operations, essential in today's fast-paced cyber landscape. Explore the intricate strategies of major state actors like Russia, China, and Iran in courses focusing on their cyber psyops and APT group activities. Gain expertise in adversary targeting, critical thinking, and collection management, enhancing your ability to identify and counter complex cyber threats. This bundle not only educates but also empowers you to build and enhance cyber intelligence programs, understand psychological operations, and stay ahead in global resilience frameworks. Join now to master the art of cyber intelligence and become a key player in thwarting sophisticated cyber threats. Enroll today and transform into an expert, ready to navigate the challenging cyber battleground.

Learning Objectives

Enrolling in this course bundle, students will immediately gain practical insights into the complex world of cyber intelligence and information warfare. They'll start by understanding the nuanced tactics of adversary targeting, learning how to identify and analyze threats from major state actors like Russia, China, and Iran. The courses provide a deep dive into the methodologies of cyber psyops, offering a clear view of the strategies and techniques used in disinformation campaigns. Students will also learn the essentials of building and enhancing a cyber intelligence program, encompassing skills from critical thinking and cognitive bias identification to effective collection management. The curriculum ensures a hands-on approach to understanding and countering APT groups, equipping students with the knowledge to anticipate and mitigate sophisticated cyber threats. Moreover, the courses emphasize operational security and deception planning, key skills for maintaining integrity in intelligence operations. Each module is designed to deliver immediate, actionable knowledge, empowering students to apply their learning in real-world scenarios from the outset.

Framework Connections