• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Security Engineering in the Cloud course is designed to equip cloud engineers, architects, and security professionals with the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and manage secure cloud environments effectively. This course covers best practices, tools, and techniques for addressing security challenges specific to cloud computing, including identity and access management, data protection, network security, and compliance. Participants will learn through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, case studies, and practical demonstrations, preparing them to implement robust security measures in cloud environments.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of cloud computing and its security implications.
  • Identify and assess potential security threats and vulnerabilities in cloud environments.
  • Implement and configure security controls for cloud-based applications and infrastructure.
  • Explore encryption and authentication mechanisms in cloud security.
  • Learn best practices for securing data in transit and at rest within the cloud.
  • Examine the principles of identity and access management in a cloud environment.
  • Evaluate and apply security compliance frameworks relevant to cloud services.
  • Analyze and respond to security incidents and breaches in a cloud-based system.
  • Implement secure DevOps practices for continuous security in cloud development.
  • Explore emerging trends and technologies in cloud security engineering.

Framework Connections