• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Tonex’s “Introduction to IEMI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference)” course offers a comprehensive exploration of the critical field of intentional electromagnetic interference. This program, delivered by industry experts, equips professionals with a profound understanding of IEMI’s intricacies, including its historical context, impacts on diverse electronic systems, and emerging trends. Participants delve into practical mitigation strategies, mastering the design principles for IEMI-resistant systems. Hands-on assessments and real-world case studies ensure practical application, while an emphasis on regulatory compliance and designing resilient solutions prepares individuals to navigate the evolving landscape of electromagnetic threats. This course is tailored for professionals in electronics, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure seeking to fortify their expertise in safeguarding against intentional electromagnetic interference.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).
  • Define and identify Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI).
  • Explore the various sources and types of IEMI.
  • Examine the impact of IEMI on electronic devices and systems.
  • Learn strategies to mitigate and prevent IEMI.
  • Understand the regulatory framework and standards related to IEMI.
  • Explore case studies of real-world incidents involving IEMI.
  • Develop skills in IEMI risk assessment and management.
  • Gain hands-on experience in detecting and analyzing IEMI.
  • Discuss emerging trends and advancements in IEMI mitigation technologies.

Framework Connections