• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Tonex training course, “Fundamentals of Personal Health Information (PHI) Data Security Standards,” is a vital resource for professionals aiming to fortify their expertise in safeguarding sensitive health information. Delving into the nuances of PHI, the course navigates through regulatory landscapes, risk management principles, and secure storage/transmission practices. Participants will emerge adept at conducting thorough PHI risk assessments and orchestrating effective incident responses. Tailored for healthcare professionals, IT specialists, and compliance officers, this course ensures a comprehensive understanding of PHI data security standards, fostering compliance with industry regulations and equipping individuals with the skills to proactively mitigate risks associated with healthcare data breaches.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of Personal Health Information (PHI) data security.
  • Identify common threats and risks associated with PHI data.
  • Explore the legal and ethical considerations related to PHI data security.
  • Learn the basic principles and standards for securing PHI data.
  • Understand the role of encryption and authentication in PHI data security.
  • Examine best practices for access control and authorization in PHI data handling.
  • Explore the impact of breaches and non-compliance with PHI data security standards.
  • Learn about the regulatory frameworks governing PHI data security.
  • Develop skills in implementing and maintaining PHI data security measures.
  • Understand the importance of ongoing training and awareness in PHI data security.

Framework Connections