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Course Description

Raspberry Pi is a type of open-source microcomputer-based solution for robot programming. It can be loaded with different operating systems such as Linux and Windows. Different personally built OS can also be executed using Raspberry Pi such as for serving up movies and music. Raspberry Pi comes with a powerful processor with different choices for RAM, micro HDMI ports, USB and Ethernet connection. Raspberry Pi’s famous feature is its adaptability. It can be used for thousands of electronic applications, and using the Linux OS expands the functionality even more. This course helps you in setting up Raspberry Pi and using the desktop environment to edit photos, playing music and videos, and programming

Learning Objectives

Fundamentals of Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Software and how to connect it, describe how to create programs and how to connect to the Raspberry Pi input/outputs, discuss how to play with media and create music with Sonic Pi, discuss Python programs in Raspberry Pie, explain how to build a robot and work on electronics with Raspberry Pi, discuss Raspberry Pi Zero for home automation

Framework Connections