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Course Description

A few basic supply chain management (SCM) concepts can really improve delivery and cost management while enhancing how you provide value to customers.
In this course, you'll explore the components of a supply chain and the key objectives of SCM, such as cost reduction and delivery optimization. You'll learn how organizations combine SCM strategies. And you'll explore the components of the supply chain, including the role of the supplier, and cover the key drivers that impact its efficiency. You'll also consider the characteristics of service supply chain management, and learn about related strategies.

Learning Objectives

Supply Chain Management

  • sequence the components of the supply chain
  • identify the key drivers of supply chain management
  • identify the characteristics of supply chain management in service organizations
  • match supply chain strategies of service organizations with their characteristics
  • identify criteria for selecting and combining different supply chain strategies
  • match supply chain areas with the key indicators of their performance
  • recognize supply chain management concepts, strategies, and performance indicators

Framework Connections