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Course Description

This course covers how to protect organizational assets, like personnel, devices, and infrastructure. You'll also explore physical security devices, wireless security, and authentication and access controls, as you prepare for exam N10-007.

Learning Objectives

Physical Security Devices

  • start the course
  • recognize when to implement motion detection and video surveillance
  • identify when to implement asset tracking
  • describe the purpose of tamper detection
  • summarize the purpose of prevention techniques such as badges, biometrics, smart cards, key fobs, and locks

Practice: Implementing Security Devices

  • recognize when to implement physical security devices

Authentication and Access Control

  • describe authentication, authorization, and accounting features such as Kerberos, Single Sign-On, auditing, and logging
  • describe additional authentication types including local authentication, LDAP, and certificates
  • describe multifactor authentication types
  • recognize the various access control features such as 802.1x, NAC, port security, MAC filtering, captive portal, and access control lists

Practice: Implementing Access Control

  • implement access control

Wireless Security

  • implement WPA and WPA2 in a scenario
  • implement TKIP-RC4 in a scenario
  • implement authentication and authorization features such as EAP, PEAP, EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS, shared or open, preshared key, and MAC filtering
  • implement geofencing in a scenario

Practice: Securing a Wireless Network

  • secure a wireless network

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